Publisher: The Permanent Press Publication date: September 30, 2020 Available for purchase: Immediately Synopsis: The sixth installment in the Josie Corsino series goes back to the 1980’s in Hollywood when drugs and prostitution ruled its famous boulevards and LAPD narcotics detectives worked day and night to stem the tide of cocaine and heroin.  The brutal killing of Josie’s snitch puts her in the middle of a drug war with organized crime where the hunter becomes the hunted.


Publisher: The Permanent Press Publication date: March 31, 2018 Available for purchase: Immediately Synopsis: Josie recommends firing a five-year police officer and this threat of retaliation comes on top of a serial killer investigation in Hollywood, the retirement of her best detective and a new love interest.  She soon discovers all of these events are connected.  The complicated journey to uncover the killer leaves her questioning her judgement and desire to do the job she’s always loved.


In Dial’s solid fifth Josie Corsino mystery (after 2016’s Set the Night on Fire), the LAPD captain has a lot on her plate at the Hollywood police station…”Dial throws in some unexpected twists, but the book’s primary attraction is the way Corsino is able to successfully maneuver herself and her police team through these various minefields….”

The Third Hell

Publisher: The Permanent Press Publication date: February 2017 Available for purchase: Immediately Synopsis: Twelve -year-old Mathew disappears from his mother’s Hollywood hills condo in the middle of the night.  His father Nino Angelo is a retired LAPD detective knows his love of police work cost him his marriage and his son’s love. He’s been trying to make amends to the boy when he goes missing.  The search for his son tests Nino’s rusty cop skills as well as his ability to keep evil from overwhelming his life.

The Third Hell (BOOKLIST)

Dial’s style is straightforward and hard-boiled, complementing strong characterizations with solid investigative detail, complex police-department politics, and gritty L.A. street scenes.  A Michael Connelly read-alike with its own powerful voice.

Set The Night On Fire (Publishers Weekly)

Dial’s engrossing fourth Josie Corsino mystery charts the beginning of Josie’s career with the LAPD. Her real-life experience in the LAPD allows her to cleverly delve into the mind-set and mental processes of undercover cops as they deconstruct the city’s crimes.

Set The Night On Fire

Publisher: The Permanent Press Publication date: October 2016 Available for purchase: Immediately Synopsis:In 1971, Josie Corsino is unmarried policewoman Josie Pastore and an undercover operative for the LAPD during a tumultuous period in the city of Los Angeles. She’s immersed in radical politics both inside and outside the department and her only way out is to find a missing undercover officer who disappeared in a mysterious and troubling way.

Unnatural Murder

Publisher: The Permanent Press Publication date: September 2014 Available for purchase: Immediately Synopsis: A wealthy transvestite is murdered on a Hollywood street in front of dozens of witnesses but no one will tell the police anything.  Within hours a second homicide in the same area makes the investigation even more difficult.  These killings drag Captain Corsino and her finest if somewhat flawed cops into a bizarre world they mistakenly thought they understood and could navigate. Genre: Police/Crime/Mystery

Dead Wrong

Publisher: The Permanent Press Publication date: May 15, 2013 Available for purchase: Immediately Synopsis: Captain Josie Corsino of Fallen Angels returns as commanding officer of the LAPD’s always fascinating and dangerous Hollywood police station. This time the fatal shooting of a police officer draws Josie into an investigation that involves one of her sergeants and takes the reader on an exciting journey through the gritty world of policing in Los Angeles. Genre: Police/Crime Reviews: Read reviews of Dead Wrong.