Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs by Connie Dial

Internal Affairs by Connie Dial

Publisher: The Permanent Press
Publication date: June 2009
Available for purchase: immediately
Synopsis: Jim McGann, a deputy chief with the LAPD, goes out for his morning jog, only to find a cop car parked in front of his house. In the trunk is the mutilated body of Alexandra Williams, a police officer who had been having an affair with McGann. It’s a disastrous situation for the department brass, who would like to keep it from the public and quickly find the culprit. It’s also an opportunity for Sergeant Mike Turner of the Internal Affairs Division to get back to what he’s liked most about police work; following clues and his instincts to get to the bottom of this case without falling afoul of the upper echelons of the department.
Genre: Police/crime

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