Review: Fallen Angels (Strand Magazine, Summer 2012)

Newly promoted Police Captain Josie Corsino of the Hollywood Division LAPD has her hands full in Fallen Angels by Connie Dial. She has seen many corpses during her twenty-one years with the Los Angeles Police, but never that of a person shot dead with a smile on her face. The reason for that smile is the first of many elusive pieces of information Josie must track down during the course of her investigation.

Connie Dial takes the reader into a world where police business is handled at its highest level. Josie Corsino is a seasoned professional who knows every aspect of her job including its political ramifications She works long, hard, unglamorous hours, drinks too much, carries a gun at all times and uses it when necessary and is far from being a dutiful wife. In these and other ways, she is a certain kind of modern, mature woman. Josie may not be everyone’s cup of tea but she is realistic, and readers will be able to recognize parts of themselves in her.

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